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The easy guide to switching from Windows to Mac

9 Feb No Comments webmaster NEWS

Long-term Windows users looking to dip their toe into the Mac ecosystem for the first time typically stick to applications they are familiar with on PC, but there is a wealth of other software that can do the job for the more ambitious switcher. Productivity Existing users of Microsoft’s Office

Windows 10 Start Menu Alternatives

2 Feb No Comments webmaster NEWS

The Windows 10 Start menu lacks at least one key feature compared to Windows 7: the ability to organize it. Here’s how. Not completely happy with the Start menu in Windows 10? It’s well-designed and offers a host of useful features. You can: view the traditional vertical menu and a

Microsoft Warns Windows 7 Is Dangerous To Use [Updated]

2 Feb No Comments webmaster NEWS

Do you use Windows 7? Microsoft MSFT -1.63% says you are placing yourself in danger… January 19th Update – Microsoft has now removed this article from its website. No explanation was given, but the motivation seems obvious: it was disingenuous scaremongering, and Microsoft realised it could not get away with

Massive Windows 10 Update Has Two Nasty Surprises

1 Feb No Comments webmaster NEWS

Microsoft MSFT -0.74%’s recent behaviour is disappointing. In an attempt to drive more users to Windows 10, this week resorted to scaremongering about the ‘dangers’ of Windows 7. But why would Windows 7 holdouts upgrade when the company is now doing this to Windows 10… ‘Great Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’

You Still Can’t Turn Off Windows 10’s Built-in Spyware

24 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

Microsoft is reducing the data it collects from your Windows 10 PCs, but what does that really mean? Good question. Microsoft isn’t saying. Microsoft is promising that, come Windows 10 Creators Update this spring, it will reduce how much information it sucks down from your Windows 10 PC if you

Microsoft lets some Windows 10 users hit pause on updates

24 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

Latest beta also allows more Home users to defer forced updates with metered connection trick Microsoft today delivered a new Windows 10 build that includes changes designed to address longstanding complaints about the operating system’s update practices. Testers — those registered with the Windows Insider program and on its “Fast”

Microsoft labels Windows 7 ‘outdated’ as it stumps for 10

24 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

Windows 7’s retirement clock tick-tocks, shows 3 years of support left Microsoft on Monday reminded customers running Windows 7 that they have just three years of support remaining, told them that the aged OS was “long outdated” and urged them to upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 7 will exit what

Microsoft tries (again) to get people off Windows 7

23 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

Company says it’s becoming hard to secure the old OS. Not for the first time, Microsoft is casting aspersions on Windows 7, the highly successful version of its OS that was a nice rebound after the Vista disaster, saying the aging OS is becoming increasingly hard to secure. It’s not

Microsoft to Retire Original Windows 10 on March 26

23 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

Version 1507 — the debut release of July 2015 — falls off the patching list in two months Microsoft has set March 26 as the end date for support of the original Windows 10 edition. “After March 26, 2017, Windows 10, version 1507 will no longer be serviced, as only

7 Tips for Increasing Productivity Using Office 365

18 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

PCMag talks mobile app security and Office 2016 with MessageOps CEO Chris Pyle, who offers tips for greater productivity and collaboration using Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing commercial product ever and is now the number one deployed application in the enterprise. Microsoft earlier this year announced that Office

How to install Windows 10 in Boot Camp on Unsupported Macs

18 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

If Apple is restricting your Mac’s Boot Camp app to only install Windows 7, gain the ability to install Windows 10 with this quick edit. Boot Camp has been allowing Mac users to run Windows natively on their Apple computers for several years. While virtualization apps like Parallels or Fusion

Windows Update Knocks Out Internet Connections

18 Jan No Comments webmaster NEWS

An update to Windows software has caused problems for personal computer users trying to connect to the internet. Several European internet service providers (ISPs) have highlighted the problem, which can strike regardless of the type of router box or the particular ISP in use. Virgin Media has issued detailed advice

Does Google listen in on your life?

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

A widely held myth says Google eavesdrops on your life to improve search results. It doesn’t, but should it? Many Google users believe the company records audio through phones and computers, then applies those recordings to the AutoComplete options in Google Search. I asked followers on Google+ about this and

Microsoft wants to enable cellular PCs, but will carriers bite?

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

The company wants to offer cell plans for sale through the Windows Store, but that might not fly Trying to find Wi-Fi when traveling can be a frustrating exercise. So much work often requires an internet connection, and while it’s possible to tether smartphones to PCs to help bridge the

Windows 10 tips & tricks

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

From managing updates and protecting your privacy to speeding up your system and getting the most out of Cortana, these tips can help you use Windows 10 to its full potential. So you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 — but are you making the most of it? We’ve got a plenitude

20 ways to hate Windows 10 less

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

These tips and tricks will make the parts of Win10 that you actually use work better. Windows 10 — your way No matter who you are and where you stand on the raging Windows 10 issues, I bet there are some things you love about your new operating system, along

Microsoft declares summer’s Windows 10 upgrade fit for business

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

End-of-support countdown for original Windows 10, aka build 1507, starts in January Microsoft today promoted its Windows 10 August upgrade to the Current Branch for Business release track, putting the “Anniversary Update” in the queue for automatic download and installation on enterprise PCs. The move will also set in motion

New method could let Windows malware bypass detection

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

Malware could abuse a legitimate Windows feature to inject malicious code into other processes, researchers warn Security researchers have discovered a new way that allows malware to inject malicious code into other processes without being detected by antivirus programs and other endpoint security systems. The new method was devised by

Google clashes with Microsoft over Windows flaw disclosure

13 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

Microsoft argues that Google isn’t cooperating on vulnerability disclosure Google and Microsoft are butting heads over the disclosure of vulnerabilities. On Monday, Google revealed a critical flaw in Windows after it gave Microsoft a ten-day window to warn the public about it. Google posted about the zero-day vulnerability on its

Top PC brands in South Africa 2016

7 Dec No Comments webmaster NEWS

MyBroadband’s 2016 Technology Survey has revealed the top PC and component brands among South African techies. MyBroadband’s 2016 Technology Survey has revealed that Dell is the favourite PC brand of South African techies. The survey was completed by 2,134 respondents, of which 64% were either an IT professional, IT manager,

When it comes to security, Android is the new Windows

30 Nov No Comments webmaster NEWS

The world’s leading mobile operating system keeps improving security, but it suffered a number of notable issues this month For decades, it’s been conventional wisdom that Windows PCs are more vulnerable to attacks and malware than computers running the Mac OS. There’s been some argument over whether that was primarily