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Our Customer Service

We continue to provide solid ICT business solutions to the public and private industries. Our public rapport of clients includes a local municipality (CMS website) and a number of schools (computer infrastructure, networking and software) and training (CMS) as well as B2B (business-to-business) ICT solutions. Our client Dihlabeng Local Municipality, contracted us to perform ICT infrastructure implementation, CMS web development / management services. We are currently involved in integrating and supplying the Dihlabeng Local Municipality with networking and ICT equipment. We support, monitor, install, and standardize the infrastructure for the Municipality.

Mustek (MECER) is another client that we continue to have a professional business relationship with. We also serve a host of other small and medium enterprises, schools and government departments in the Free State province and beyond. These relationships bear witness to our commitment towards delivery, effeciency and the provision of quality IT services and project management solutions.

Our People

The firm is currently rendering services covering most aspects of IT to several clients in both the public and private sector.

Our technical staff has a combined experience well in excess of 12 years, having served in leading organizations in the country; this easily makes us the leading and most experienced black owned and run company thus far in our sphere. We promote personal empowerment of our employees through training,peer interaction and formal tuition and this is an advantage as most of our staff is multi-skilled in management, training, admin, and marketing etc.

Our Approach

Our ‘bottom-up’ approach, we believe, is best international practice as it allows the client to have a meaning participation in learning about the bottlenecks in operations and in selecting the appropriate solution. As such, each client will get solutions that are relevant to their challenges and a forecast of the expected advantages beforehand.

We have over the years gained a wide range of experience in implementing projects of such magnitudes and with a diverse mix of clients and needs.